The Masque - Old Punk Club in Hollywood

The Masque was a small punk rock club in central Hollywood which existed off and on from 1977 to 1979. The Masque, operated by a Scot named Brendan Mullen, was the nexus of the Los Angeles punk scene and frequently featured bands such as X, The Germs, The Mau-Mau’s, The Weirdos, The Avengers, The Dils, The Skulls and others. The Go-Gos rented practice space there.

It was closed by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1978, and reopened for a short time later before closing its doors permanently in 1979. Mullen went on to do shows at the Other Masque and later Club Lingerie, both also located in Hollywood. The building was recently renovated (2006). Although the basement where The Masque once was is currently used as storage and most of the walls have been removed, much of the original graffiti still exists along the remaining walls.



E disse para mim mesmo, repeti para mim mesmo, algum dia serei tão feliz quanto vocês, esperem para ver.
Charles Bukowski.   (via gyovanalopess)